INcident resPonse readiness

The main fear for each and every company is to be victim of an attack. In this context, Anticipation is a key-element to limit the impact of an attack. To increase Incident Response efficiency, Hacknowledge highly recommends performing an Incident Response maturity assessment in beforehand. 


Initial pentest according to customers’ activity sector, and their maturity, we will define a rational roadmap for pentests to be perfromed based on a risk-approach.


To control and improve your security overtime, we propose our fully integrated Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service combining the value of your logs with our cutting-edge custome sensors allowing our security experts to better identify the threats targeting your organization.


In the event of a proven attack, you can count on our incident Response Team to assist you in quickly identifying and containing the discovered threat.


Comply with legal and regulatory requirements.


Take the advantage of parameterised customisable and continously updated knowledge bases and questionnaires.

See our 20-750 Solution


Give a sense of responsibility to your employees by assigning them defined roles and responsibilities