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(Center for Internet Security)

The  CIS Controls are a prescriptive, prioritized, and simplified set of cybersecurity best practices. They are used and developed by thousands of cybersecurity experts worldwide and are mapped to many other security frameworks. The CIS Controls Self Assessment Tool (CIS CSAT) helps organizations with adoption of the CIS Controls. This tool makes the powerful security guidance of the CIS Controls easier for teams to implement, track, and document progress.

Rsecure CIS CSaT Controls

Ongoing security gap assessment

If you opt for an ongoing assessment, our security consultant will work closely with your teams to understand your current security maturity, identify gaps in your implementation of CIS Controls, and recommend the most effective ways to fill those gaps.

We will keep a close watch on evolving security threats and changing standards to quickly notify you when is a need to implement patches.


One-Time security gap assessment

If you opt for an one-time assessment, our security consultant will examine your security infrastructure and implementation of criticals controls, and prepare a set of recommendations to improve your security posture.

The Assessment can be conducted either on-site or remotely, or include a combinaison depending on your specific requirements and budget.